State-Aided Public Housing Developments

The following table identifies the state-aided public housing units with developments of more than 8 units listed separately. Units in developments of 8 or fewer units are aggregated as noted.

Dev No Type Development Name num Bldgs Year Built Dwelling Units
667-01 Elderly POWDERMILL CIRCLE 667-01 8 1969 56
Total 8 56

The following development(s) operate under a combination of state and federal requirements, including HUD’s Section 8 New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation Program (see the Glossary for a program description).

Dev No Type Development Name Num Bldgs Year Built Dwelling Units
667-02 Elderly CONCORD STREET CIRCLE 667-02 5 1981 56

Dev No Type Development Name Num Bldgs Year Built Dwelling Units
137-001 Family Dawn Grove 6 1986 32

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP)

The Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP}) is a state-funded program that provides rental subsidies to low-income families and individuals. In most cases, a “mobile” voucher is issued to the household, which is valid for any market-rate housing unit that meets the standards of the state sanitary code and program rent limitations. In some cases, vouchers are “project-based” into a specific housing development; such vouchers remain at the development if the tenant decides to move out.

Maynard Housing Authority manages 28 MRVP vouchers.

Federally Assisted Developments

Maynard Housing Authority also manages Federally-assisted public housing developments serving 32 households. Waiting List Open.